Tuesday, January 24, 2012


  We are mesmirized by the beauty, food, and culture of Greece and the Greek people. We want to go there more than anywhere else in the world (and we want to go many places, we love traveling and learning other cultures). We have been to India because our dad is from there, but we want to go everywhere at least once. We are going to discuss some history, cultural aspects, the food, and some beautiful destinations that will make you all want to visit!

    Greece is located in the southern portion of Europe. The country borders Albania, the Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria to the North, and Turkey to the East. The Aegean Sea lies to the East of Greece. The Ionian Sea to the West. The Mediterranean is to the South. It contains many islands, and 80% of the country is mountains.

    They are the birthplace for democracy, the Olympic Games, Western literature and historiography, university education, western drama (including tragedy and comedy), among others. Greece was established in 1830 after the Greek War of Independance. Athens is the capital. Greece is a developed country with an advanced, high-income economy, and very high standards of living. 94% of the population is Greek, 4% is Albanian, and 2% are other. Their legislature is a parliament. Their population now is around 10,787,690.

    This is the Parthenon, located in the Athenian Acropolis, a temple, dedicated the the Greek goddess, Athena. It's construction was completed in 438 BC, and the most important surviving of classical Greece. It is one of the beautiful architectural destinations among many other of their destinations.

    This is a memorial with the text of the Declaration of Independance, signed on January 1, 1822 at the First National Assembly at Epidaurus.

    This is a picture of  Navagio (shipwreck) bay, in Zakynthos. How pretty!

    This is a view of Mount Olympus!

    Greece primarily has a Mediterranean climate, featuring mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. Yay, Beach Weather! LOL

    Greece is a parliamentary republic.

    This is a picture of Athens, the capital of Greece.

     This is a picture of a Stemnitsa, a typical village in Peloponnese.

    This a picture of  the Holy Trinity monastery,in Mereora, Thessaly.

    This picture of The Academy of Athens is Greece's national academy and the highest research establishment in the country.

    The ancient theatre of Epidaurus continues to be used for staging ancient Greek plays.

    Greek cuisine is a healthy Mediterranean diet, also known as a cretan diet. I love greek salads and Baklava, which is layers of phyllo dough and a honey and nut mixture! I want to try one of the most popular greek dishes, which is called Moussaka, and is ground beef and eggplant baked in a creamy cheesy marinara sauce. Their food is so delicious and many of their foods are healthy.

    Here is a picture of the delicious Baklava!

    This is a picture of traditional Cretan dancers.

    Panathenaic Stadium at the first day of the 1896 Summer Olympics (bottom) and the Olympic Stadium of Athens, during the 2004 games (top).

    This is a picture of the view in Santorini. So beautiful!

    This is a picture of one of the greek islands. So gorgeous!

    I hope this information and pictures make you want to go here as much as we do. It is so beautiful and has a lot of history, I do not know anyone who would not want to visit Greece!


  1. Thanks. I hope it made you want to visit or at least try some of their food! lol