Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sequin Trend

    We are really feeling the sequin trend lately. It is so cute and you can find it almost anywhere, even low price places that will not break your bank. Here are some items that we fell in love with when we saw them AND are affordable!

         We love this grey hoodie with sequin stripes. It is from Forever 21 and only $27.80.

    This grey/black sequin shirt is so cute and would look fab tucked into a royal blue skirt! It is also from Forever 21 and only $19.80.

    This silver sequin belt is so cute and would give any outfit a little pop. It is from Wet Seal and only $8.50.

    This black lacy and sequiny shirt is the cutest and has everything you would want in a shirt! It is also from wet seal and is only $10.00.

   We love this silver sequin dress and in this dress you would catch every eye in the room. It is from Rue 21 and only $29.99.

    This clutch is so adorable and will compliment any outfit! It is also from Rue 21 and only $9.99.

    These boots are our favorite. They will go with tons of outfits and make them pop! They are from Delia's and only $19.50.

    These silver sequin oxfords are so cute and I would wear them everwhere! They are from Francesca's Collections and only $38.00.

    This is an adorable multicolored sequin scarf and we love it so much! It is from Urban Outfitters and only $14.99.

    This romper is perfect for a date night or a night out with the girls. You could dress it up or down with heels or a blazer and scarf! It is from Urban Outfitters and only $29.99.

    This weekender is so cute and you could take it anywhere, anytime. It would look great with a neutral colored outfit. It is from Urban Outfitters also and only $49.99.

    This sequin skirt is perfect for a night out and could be paired with heels or or flats to dress up or down. It is also from Urban Outfitters and is a little bit of a splurge for $69.00.

    This sequin jacket is also a splurge but it is too adorable to pass up. It is from Urban Outfitters also for $79.99.

    I hope you enjoy these items and run out and get them yourself because this is a hot trend right now!

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