Saturday, January 21, 2012


     Our first blog post! How exciting! Recently we redecorated both of our bedrooms from boring to chic and stylish. If you like to get the best deals on things like we do then you came to the right place! Amiee decorated hers in an old hollywood/vintage theme. Meena's is more of a girly, glamorous theme.

    First we painted our rooms. Meena painted her room pink. The bucket of paint was only $16. We painted Amiee's room with extra white paint laying around. However, if we had to go buy some it probably wouldn't have cost much.

     Next we bought our comforters off This place is a life saver.

     Amiee bought her comforter for $69.99 plus shipping. It included the comforter, 2 shams, bed skirt, and 3 throw pillows. For all that there is no way you could find that at the wal-mart with the design.

        Meena got hers for $63.99 plus shipping. It included the same things.

    Then we made little adjustments to the room with decorations.

    Amiee added a vintage mirror to her room and I think it really ties the old hollywood theme together!

    Another adjustment she made was adding a storage book. It looks like a book but actually has storage inside. It's so adorable, and contributes to the theme. It was a total steal, only $3.99 at ROSS.

    The last decoration we added in Amiee's room was a Audrey Hepburn painting. It was also at ROSS and was only $19.99.

   Meena's first decoration was a wall decal. It says 'Be your own kind of Beautiful'. It was from Amazon and only $2 plus shipping.

    The next decorations we added was a picture that was only $25.99 from Hobby Lobby. The emblem was only $9.99 and also from Hobby Lobby.

    Some more things we added are these cute wall ornaments. They were only $3.99 a piece and also from Hobby Lobby. One says Faith and the other says Believe.

   The last decoration Meena added in her room is a glammed out suede storage trunk that has embellishments on it. It was only $12.99 at ROSS. Our favorite item in the room!

   We were lucky to get these amazing deals and hopefully you can steal these deals too!

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